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We have experience working with small businesses, educational systems, churches, non-profits; even other media companies! We understand how to work with different styles and ideas and we’d be happy to help you with your next project.

We create high-quality, professional media that conveys your message to your market in an appropriately simple, impactful way.

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We’re always learning new programs and techniques to help better satisfy our customers’ needs. Don’t see what you need on the list? We’d be happy to learn with you!

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Need to know how to interpolate keyframes in After Effects? Vectorize that raster logo? Don’t be shy, ask us! We’re always happy to help fellow media professionals.


We blend an extensive knowledge of technology and theory to make sure that your brand doesn’t just look good: it works.

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Red Chrome Productions thrives on excellent networking between us and our partners.  If you’re looking for a few collaborators for your next big project: we’re your team. For inquiries, contact us with the email form at the bottom of the page.

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I Hate Being a Designer.

Please, never call me a designer. Design, in its simplest form, is the basic arrangement of information in a way that is easily digestible by the consumer. As designers, we take information we are given, slap a nice typeface on it, surround it with some cool illustrations and finish it off with some tasteful color. […]

An Interview with Ronnie Bingaman

I had a chance to ask Ronnie Bingaman, the winner of this year’s Rode Reel Festival (The largest online film festival in the world) a few questions about how he got started in the film industry and his mindset when approaching new projects. How long have you been making videos and films? – I found […]

An Brief Introduction

Graphic design, videography, animation, photography, audio production and web design are the pillars of the digital media major and the tools used by the virtual world to communicate ideas, thoughts and worldview to the people around us. Although it can be very easy to jump into the basics of each of these various fields of […]

Senior High Camp 2014!

This year, Grant Ogden and I had the privilege of putting together the recap video for the Michigan District’s Senior High Camp. We had a blast connecting with the kids, shooting the activities and enjoying the evening services. To download the video, follow the link to vimeo and click the download button.

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